About Me

I love all things crafty and sewing so when I decided to take the plunge and become self employed I went into making all things baby. I started printing my own baby vests and creating keepsake quilts from old baby clothes. You can view them on my sister site Crafts by Katie. 


I wanted to offer beautiful backing fabrics for my keepsake quilts.There are so many other creative people out there, I thought why not share them with you lovely lot who also like to sew your own!

We moved into a new house in 2017 where I gained a fantastic sewing room all to myself. Our visitors no longer have to worry about pins in their bed or manikins standing in the corner of the room when they stay over. I wanted to wait until we moved to be inspired on what to call my fabric shop. Our house number had a squirrel on it and I often get a furry tailed little visitor nibbling bird feed outside my craft room window. Since, like a lot of crafters, I have always squirreled away my supplies and fabric, it felt like the perfect name!

My stash of fabric and sewing supplies grow regularly so keep subscribed and follow me on social media for the latest. 

Day 16 - Work Space - My work space is r
Off to dinner 💃this dress is so heavy!