Reversible Pinafore Dress for Toddlers

When I purchased my first batch of fabric for The Fabric Squirrel, my friend came round to "help". It was really just a way of her fabric shopping without her actually spending any money. A few of her favourites were Riley Blake's from the Dear Diary Range by Minki Kim. Minki appears as Zeriano on Instagram and she has a beautiful page; I would recommend you follow her for crafty inspiration, especially if you like bags!

With this fabric in mind, I wrote her little girl an IOU for a reversible pinafore dress for Christmas. I wasn't sure how to tackle it and didn't want to rush it while I was busy during the Christmas period. I didn't think she would mind it being a little late, she was only one after all.

I'm pleased to say I did it start to finish in under two hours. It is a really easy project if you have a few undisturbed sewing hours.