Carnival Circus Kids Game

I got this fab new Carnival Circus fabric range from the Craft Cotton Co and was asked if I fancied making something up in it for them. Erm, yes please! They asked which colour I would like but how could you possibly pick?! So I gained 10 pieces of circus fabric to play with and needed to think of something fun to make. My first thoughts were of some kind of tent but that would involve DIY and power tools so I knew it would be ages before I got round to making it. I thought about making some fabric building blocks but that has been done a hundred times before. As I was playing with my little dude I started thinking again. The week before I took him to a dance class and he had to balance a beanbag on his head. It was amazing to watch how much entertainment a toddler can get out of a single beanbag. So during our game of trains I thought up this beanbag game.

My little man is two but I can confirm my 30 year old husband enjoyed playing just as much as he did so this is one for the whole family.