A Handmade Tipi Wedding Part 2 - The Small Businesses that made it Happen

If I couldn't make it myself, or rope a friend or family member into helping me make it, it was really important to me that we used small local businesses. Although I have mentioned a few already in part 1, there were so many people to thank that I decided to dedicate a post to them. We didn't have anyone in particular to take control on the day but everything went swimmingly and all the little business just rocked up and did what they did best.


I didn't realise how important a photographer was to me until we had our engagement shoot with Heather. At a wedding fair at Belton Woods hotel my bridesmaid Lucinda, who is into her photography, was drawn to Heather's photos. They chatted for ages and I went and joined in. I was on a bit of a high after just finding my wedding dress. I am used to craft fairs and chatting to people, but I found a table of photo books at wedding fairs quite intimidating and didn't approach or stop at any other stands in all the fairs we went to. Heather was so smiley and casual that you wanted to speak to her. She was really passionate about her photographs, but also about how they are displayed and what happened to them afterwards. Her albums are such amazing quality; it's hard to describe how breathtaking they are. The prints were on matte paper but looked 3D, they were like a Harry Potter photo and I half expected them to move. All the albums are made locally by a small business with ethically sourced materials. Heather was sounding more and more up my street by the minute. I left her with my details, spoke to Dan and told him we found our photographer Heather Jackson Photography and booked her in.