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A Gift Guide for Sewers

When you love to sew, there are a million things you want to ask for at Christmas and birthdays, but trying to explain those things or drop subtle hints can be quite tricky.

As someone who loves sewing and all things craft, I also love to support other small businesses that are making a living from their craft. I have put together the ultimate gift guide with a mixture of essential tools and fun sewing related goodies to suit all price ranges. Some of the shops I have personal experience buying from, some have been recommended by others and there are of course a few Fabric Squirrel gifts too.


I recently launched my sewing advent boxes and they have gone down a treat. Since they were so popular I have decided to make a smaller version for every occasion. These sewing gift boxes include 5 surprise fabric quarters, a rainbow of Gutermann threads and a few other sewing essential like pins and small scissors worth £40 for just £30. It was these boxes that inspired me to create this list.


Any sewer will tell you, there is no such thing as too many scissors. You will find we are quite protective over them, for good reason. We like to have scissors for all different purposes and fabric scissors should NEVER be used by untrained hands who tend to break rules of only using the scissors for the correct purpose. Back in 2017 I saw that Tula Pink has a new hardware range out, I had to have them but they were really hard to get hold of in the U.K. I now stock them here and have scissors available for all your sewing needs and price ranges. A pair of 8" dress maker shears are an ideal big gift at £39.99 but a seam ripper will be equally well received at just £9.50.


I initially got in touch with Sarah from Stamp It to make a stamp for my Crafts by Katie shop, since then I have ordered several other items for myself and logo stamps for my brother and cousin. They also have Etsy shops so I know these make a great gift for small business owners. The detail in the stamps is amazing and allows you to be really flexible with your branding. You can stamp your logo onto gift cards, postage boxes, envelopes, gift bags, anything really! Just pick your size and send them a logo, prices start from around £15.


I discovered Sue Roche Illustrations at a craft fair a year or so ago and have since purchased several of her art including cards, door signs and prints. I have this sewing machine print in my sewing room and I love it! You can get this design and lots of others in all sorts of forms from cards to coasters so go and check out her shop, not just for sewing and craft related items, she has something for everyone.


I am not sure I could even use these pins for fear of bending them but I would be delighted to receive them on Christmas Day! The handmade pin heads feature a cakes and biscuits and are made by Chapel View Crafts. A great accompaniment to the pin cushion and mug below.


I always have a cup f tea or coffee on the go in my craft room so I am putting this mug on my own Christmas list this year. I looked at loads of different sewing related mugs in my searches but this one by Tea Please really stood out.


I would say this is a great gift for someone that can't keep real plants alive. I have a cactus (named Catherine) that I have had since I was 15 years old. Catherine is left forgotten about in the utility room now and is still going strong. I would totally have this cactus pin cushion sat on my sewing table (with my battenberg pins in). They are crocheted by Annie Arty Crafts with 4 styles to pick from starting from £5.85.


I remember my Grandma used to collect thimbles and had a little shelf with all different ones on. Whether its for practical uses or to look pretty in a sewing space, I came across Rockery Cottage on a Facebook group and loved her little thimbles. They are personalised to order using a wood burning technique. So if you know someone that does a lot of hand sewing and embroidery, this would make a great stocking filler from only £4.


I don't think you grow out of loving stickers. I loved stickers as a kid and now I have a little boy, playing sticker books is one of my favourite activities with him. I was recommended Pink Coat Club and I love everything in their shop. Their items include pin badges and stickers which could be used to decorate a diary or their sewing machine. I particularly liked the made by me stickers. Nothing says thank you, I love receiving your handmade gifts, more than some stickers that say me made!


Talking of handmade gifts, if you are buying a present for someone that sews gifts, I found these really pretty cotton reel gift tags on Etsy from Doodle Daisy. Starting from just £3 they are another good stocking filler.


I don't think I am alone when I admit to looking and appreciating something made of fabric but convincing myself not to buy it because I could try to make it myself. When I saw Gemma's family portraits that was definitely not was I thinking. As someone that likes sewing, I love to look at something and think WOW I wish I could make something like that, but sometimes you should just pass it on to another expert. Portraits start from £65 for a family of four and are made to order based on the pictures you send. Gemma at Gem Eve Textile Artist will keep in touch throughout the process sending you a mock up and sample materials.


Sewing themed jewellery was another thing I spent lot of time searching for. I wanted to share something unique and special. Alaine from Twinkly Bits Jewellery got in touch with me on an Etsy group and shared her Morse code bracelets with me. Alaine can make any message including sewing related messages Eat, Sew, Sleep, Repeat for example. Prices vary depending on the length of your message so get in touch with her through the link to her website.

When I was pregnant with George, he got the hiccups regularly. My first Mother's Day card arrived in Morse code. Apparently the hiccups were a message! So not only would a secret message be a really thoughtful gift to receive, I thinking there are a lot of husbands out there that would be pleased with themselves for coming up with this one.


I know it sounds lazy but if the person you are buying for likes sewing, they will love fabric. Surprises can be nice but if you want to be safe, you can't go wrong with money towards fabric. Do they have a favourite local or online fabric shop? Be sneaky and see who their parcels are addressed from and you might get some clues. They may well offer gift vouchers there. I offer my own right here on The Fabric Squirrel too.

I hope his has helped you find something special for your loved one this Christmas or added something to your own wish list. I would love to hear from you if it has! Come and share you sewing themed gifts with e over on my Facebook page.

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