My Me Made Holiday

I am really guilty of sewing for everyone else but myself. When it comes to sewing clothes, I am usually only motivated when I have an occasion like a wedding. Although I love making fancy dresses for special occasions they tend to be the kind that only get worn a few times.

I needed a reason to make every day clothes, so I set myself a challenge to wear something me made every day of our family holiday. I have had so much fun with it that I wanted to share it with you and hopefully it will spread some inspiration.

Whenever I watch anything to do with fashion they talk about having basics that you can mix and match. I am not great at accessorising and I love colour and pattern so I am more about letting the fabric do the talking for me. You will notice that most of what I made was quite a simple design and more about the pattern.

I love a pair of shorts but have never made myself any before, although I have made my little boy plenty. I have been watching this tropical fabric dwindle over the last few months and I loved it, so I decided to use some of the last of it to create my first pair using Simplicity pattern 1887.

I didn't quite get the waistband right on my first pair so I missed out the tie. It didn't matter they still worked really well. I used Bosa