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Block Printed Fabric Gift Tags

Towards the end of last year I showed you how to create a stocking using the red Scandi panel in my Christmas collection. The panel comes with gift tags too. I missed Christmas but I have finally got around to demonstrating how to create your own personalised fabric tags. I will be super organised for next year now! I also think these make great Christmas decorations so the recipient can hang them on their tree in future years.

I love the art of block printing and first discovered it at a show in Birmingham NEC when I came across a stand by The Arty Crafty Place. It took a little demonstration from them and I was sold. If you have been to any big shows you have probably already seen them . If you haven't, make sure you look out for them next time.

Along with my crafty bestie, Lucinda, we bought the starter kit from them. The starter kit includes everything you need to get you going including the foam mat, tray, sponges, a couple of hand carved stamps and a couple of paints. We started off making bags and tea towels and when I became pregnant I started making baby vests. I now have a successful Etsy shop where I sell a whole range using my own designs under Crafts by Katie.

I have put together my very first tutorial! On the video I show you the very basics printing tips and tricks and show you some of the other creations it has helped me make. I have teamed it up with the full instructions here. I hope it helps inspire you to create your own block printed creations.



1. Cut out your gift tags. Using one as a template, cut 6 hexagons out of white fabric and 6 out of the interfacing. Iron your interfacing to the back of the white fabric.

2. Place your white hexagon on your foam mat. Tip some of your fabric paint onto the tray and spread a thin layer with your sponge. For the wooden blocks you will need to apply the paint with the sponge directly onto the block but as these rubber stamps are quite fiddly I find dipping them is a more accurate method. Make sure you haven't got any paint anywhere other than the letter. If you have just use a baby wipe to clean it off.

3. Start in the centre and work your way out to guarantee your word is central. Press the stamp firmly and evenly but not to hard onto the fabric and lift up. Do not double stamp if it doesn't fully print, it always looks worse for it. I love this method because it isn't perfect. what ever you print always looks unique and that is the beauty of it. Repeat this for all your letters.

4. Leave them to dry for 5-10 minutes. With right sides together, sew all the way around the edge, close to the design on the fabric. Leave a gap on the top edge to turn out and add your ribbon.

5. Turn out and push the corners out with something pokey. Trim the corners and press.

6. Pin two bits of ribbon into the gap around 10 cm each. Top stitch around the edge and back stitch over the ribbon to ensure it is secure.

7. When I am printing anything that is going to be washed regularly I always heat set them in the tumble dryer and with the iron. All fabric paint has slightly different instructions so check first. As these probably won't be washed I just used a hot iron over it for a minute or so to set the paint.


8. Cleaning up. I wouldn't usually give cleaning up instructions but I thought I would share how I look after my stamps and paint. Although you can mix the fabric paints to get the perfect colour, I try not to. You either end up with a lot of waste or not enough and can never get the same shade again. When I have finished I use the sponge to mop up the paint that is left and scrape it back into the pot. I a scrap of material or muslin to clean my stamps, you may need to dampen it. I use kitchen roll to dry them off. Make sure you clean your tray and sponge with warm water before it dries.

I would love to hear from you if this has inspired you to create something new with your block printing kit or to take on a new hobby! I have added a gallery below with some of my other stamping creations. Happy stamping.

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