Block Printed Fabric Gift Tags

Towards the end of last year I showed you how to create a stocking using the red Scandi panel in my Christmas collection. The panel comes with gift tags too. I missed Christmas but I have finally got around to demonstrating how to create your own personalised fabric tags. I will be super organised for next year now! I also think these make great Christmas decorations so the recipient can hang them on their tree in future years.

I love the art of block printing and first discovered it at a show in Birmingham NEC when I came across a stand by The Arty Crafty Place. It took a little demonstration from them and I was sold. If you have been to any big shows you have probably already seen them . If you haven't, make sure you look out for them next time.

Along with my crafty bestie, Lucinda, we bought the starter kit from them. The starter kit includes everything you need to get you going including the foam mat, tray, sponges, a couple of hand carved stamps and a couple of paints. We started off making bags and tea towels and when I became pregnant I started making baby vests. I now have a successful Etsy shop where I sell a whole range using my own designs under Crafts by Katie.

I have put together my very first tutorial! On the video I show you the very basics printing tips and tricks and show you some of the other creations it has helped me make. I have teamed it up with the full instructions here. I hope it helps inspire you to create your own block printed creations.