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Christmas Gift Bag Tutorial

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

This year I am on a mission to have a plastic free Christmas. Wherever possible I want it to be single use anything free too. It always makes me sad seeing bags full of paper being thrown away each year. A lot of the time what we think is paper contains plastic and can't be recycled. Cellotape is also plastic and I dread to think how much is used each year.

I have saved some brown paper that something I ordered came packaged in and plan on decorating it for but I will also be making reusable fabric wrap this year too.

Stewart Hillards collection of Christmas fabric this year is so much fun for young and old. It includes a gift bag so here I will show you how to make it up. I have full written instructions and a video tutorial. In the written instructions I also explain how to make a gift bag using some of your fat quarters, I used some of the Craft Cotton Unicorn Christmas fabric.


  • Gift Bag Panel

  • 75cm Medium Weight Interfacing

  • 75cm Lining

  • Ruler and Rotary Cutter

  • Scissors

  • Iron

  • Sewing Machine

  • Loop Turner

1. Cut along the lines - The first thing you need to do is cut out your panel. Use the solid black lines as a guide using your ruler and rotary cutter or sharp scissors. You should have 2 bags, 4 gift tags and 4 straps.

2 Cut out interfacing - Use the pieces you have just cut out as a template to make the same amount in interfacing.

3. Cut out lining - Use the bag pieces to make two lining pieces the same size.

4. Iron interfacing - following the instructions of the brand you use, iron the interfacing shiny side down onto the reverse of your bag panels and straps.

5. Sew bag sides - Fold the panels in half with right sides together. Sew the sides together using 1/4" seam allowance throughout the project. Leave the square bit at the bottom at this point, don't worry that your bag has two holes in it!

7. Create boxed corners - Fold your long edge towards the stripey edge and pin as pictured. Sew, back stitch at each end. Repeat on the other side and on the lining.

8. Make straps - Sew long edges together. Turn out, I used my loop turner, best gadget ever! Press so that the seam is in the centre. Top stitch.

9. Sew front and lining together - keep the outside panel inside out. Turn the lining inside out and place inside the bag. Match up the seams and pin in place. Measure 2.5" in from the stripey edges and pin the bag straps in place so the seam is facing the lining. Make sure they are inside the bag. Pin all the way around and sew together. Make sure you leave a gap to turn the bag out.

8. Finish - Turn the bag out and push the lining inside the bag. Press and top stitch along the top edge ensuring you sew over the opening.

ALTERNATIVE - I added an extra panel into one of the bags, just slightly smaller than the opening so that it fitted inside. I also added some ribbon so you can really hide a gift inside without any extra packaging needed to keep the secret.


1. Fold your fat quarter in half long ways and cut into two. You could use this as the front and the lining for one bag or repeat with a coordinating fabric and make two.

2. Personalise your bag by adding an initial. I have used some glitter fabric to create an initial. Simply draft your letter onto Bondaweb, iron it onto your chosen fabric, cut out, peel off the backing and iron it onto the top half of your bag. Top stitch around the edges to prevent it from peeling off.

3. Fold in half and sew down the side edges. Repeat on the lining.

4. Use ribbon as the straps and baste them in place at this stage to save fiddly pinning later.

5. Make sure the bottom of the bag has a crease pressed into it and fold the sewn edge towards the bottom edge as pictured. Measure 2" in and sew the corner.

6. Trim and repeat on the other side and lining.

7. With your main panel inside out and your lining the right way round, place your bag inside the lining so right sides are together. Match up the seams, pin and sew around the tip but leave a gap to turn out.

8. Turn out, press and top stitch to finish.

You can use this simple technique to make any size bag, just have a play around with the fabric that you have.

Thank you for reading and I hope it inspires you to make some reusable wrap this year to use every year. If you liked this tutorial make sure you subscribe to my mailing list for more free tutorials, new fabric arrivals and special offers.

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