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Easy Christmas Advent Calendar

This year The Craft Cotton Company have really exceeded themselves with their Christmas fabric range. So many gorgeous prints to choose from but this post is to show you how to create one of the advent panels. I wrote a tutorial last year on how to make one but I have used a different, slightly more simple version this year. Have a read through them and decide which you want to go for.


  • Advent Panel

  • Wadding

  • Backing Fabric 1 Metre

  • Sewing Machine

  • Iron & Ironing Board

  • Sharp Scissors

  • Rotary Cutter, Ruler and Cutting Mat

  • Pins

  • Ribbon 1.5 Metres

  • Wood Dowel 50cm


1. Cut out the pockets - Using a rotary cutter and quilting ruler, cut off the bottom section of the panel with the pockets on. Cut them into strips.

Then into into squares along the dashed lines. You can use scissors if you do not have a rotary cutter.

2. Zigzag top edges - There isn't enough seam allowance to enclose the raw edges so I have used a zigzag stitch to stop the it from fraying. You could do all of the edges if you wanted but since they are tucked safely away in the pocket, I have left the other three sides. I sew them in a chain to make the process quicker. You will end up with a string of pockets.

3. Press the sides - Press all four sides to the back using the edge of the design as your guide.

4. Hem top edge - There is only a small allowance be very careful not to burn yourself, fold over the top edge and press using your iron. Top stitch.

5. Cut out wadding and pin pockets - Cut a piece of wadding the same size as your panel. Place the panel right sides up on top of it. Now match up your pockets with your panel. Carefully pin them into place, exactly matching up the pictures.

6. Sew pockets - Sew around the three edges of the pockets leaving the top edge. I have used a white thread on the bottom half and switched to a coordinating navy blue on the sky. Trim the edges.

7. Cut backing fabric - Cut your backing fabric the same size as the panel. Cut a piece the same width as the panel and 4" deep. Fold the shorter piece in half long ways, sew and hem the two short edges. This will be used to thread the dowel to hang your quilt. Pin it just under the top edge and sew down the two long edges.

8. Pin front to back - with right sides together and the dowel piece at the top, pin your panel and backing fabric together. Sew around all four edges leaving a gap to turn it out.

9. Finish - clip the corners, turn it out pushing out the corners with something pointy and press. Top stitch around the edges ensuring to catch both sides when you go over the gap. I have switched thread from white to blue when I got to the sky.

Thread your dowel through the casing you made and tie ribbon on each end.

Now all you need is to hang it and find some goodies to fill it with.

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