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"How to Make a DIY No-Sew Birthday Badge: Step-By-Step Tutorial"

Updated: Mar 20

It doesn't take much to make a 4th Birthday Special when spending it in lockdown. Thankfully we had been organised with his main present because I was being induced a few weeks before his birthday. He had picked out a police bike with real pedals. A few family members had posted gifts so I wrapped what I could and put others in bags with tissue paper so he had things to open.

I didn't get him a card, I rarely do cards unless I get George involved in making them but I did think it would be nice for him to have a badge. There was no sewing involved and it only needed a few basic supplies.

He loved his badge and wore it all day. We had lots of fun in the garden and doing crafts. Lunch was afternoon tea with juice from a teapot and everything! We ordered pizza for a pizza pic nic for dinner and he told us that he had really enjoyed his birthday.


  • Fabric 13cm (5") square

  • Foam Interfacing 10cm (4") square

  • Ribbon

  • Iron

  • Glue Gun

  • Scissors

  • Pinking Shears

  • Felt

  • Safety Pin


1. Cut a circle of fabric out around 5" wide. I used some left over superhero fabric from his cape.

2. Cut a circle of foam interfacing 4" wide. I use Bosal Interlining foam all the time. It is great for bag making but the offcuts are great for projects like this too. There are a few different types but this one is fusible on both sides which makes it even easier to make this project. If you don't have any you could use some wadding and card to make it stiff.

3. Place the fabric in the centre of the foam and fold over the edges to the back. Carefully press into place. If you are using card and wadding you will need to sew it or use some fabric glue.

4. Pick out some ribbon and cut it to a length you like, I find this varies depending on the thickness of the ribbon.

5. Place the circle on some felt leaving at least a 1" gap all the way around. Secure the ribbon between the two layers and use a glue gun to keep it all in place.

6. Using pinking shears, if you have them, cut the felt out an even distance around the circle.

7. Use a small square of felt that fits through a safety pin. Thread it through the safety pin and glue gun it to the back of the badge.

8. Cut out the age of the recipient in felt and use the glue gun to stick this to the front.

This is a really simple make and there are loads of variations you could change to make it special to you. I hope it inspires you to make a birthday badge for someone special!

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