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Toy Bag Fat Quarter Project

I can guarantee you that every parent will appreciate this gift for their child, whatever the age, and it takes just one fat quarter and a bit of ribbon. I have made lots for George and Alfie to keep various toys together. The trouble with kids toys is the packaging. Boxes are always over sized or fall apart or have a big hole on the front while they are on display so have no practical purpose once you get them home. If the toy is something that needs constructing, it means finding a home for another box. I make these little bags for such occasions. A good example was a car track set Alfie got this year. The box was massive! I managed to put all the parts in one bag. We have a robot bag for a robot that can be constructed. We have a dinosaur bag and I keep meaning to make a doctor bag.

For Christmas this year I made my Niece's and Nephews some bags. The fun part is picking out the fabric that represents what is inside. I used some Barbie fabric for the Barbie clothes (patters coming soon) I made my Niece and some dinosaur and train fabric for my Nephews.


  • Fat quarter of fabric

  • Ribbon

  • Sewing machine and all your usual sewing supplies


1. Cut your fabric to size. Mine is 35cm tall and around 55cm wide. You can size your bag up or down depending on what you plan on storing in it. This is just cut down the fold of the fabric so you can easily make this with just one fat quarter.

2. Press over a 1/2" hem down each short edge. Then press over 1/4" along the top edge. Press over again, ensuring it is wide enough for the ribbon you are using.

3. Stitch down the ribbon channel, close to the edge of the hem making sure it will still be wide enough for your ribbon. Back stitch at the start and end.

4. Fold in half with right sides together, match up the top edge, pin. Sew from the ribbon channel, back stitching at the start, as you go, open this turned over part using the crease you pressed as a guide. Hopefully this picture makes sense!

5. Finish the exposed edges with a zig zag stitch or overlocker.

6. Thread your ribbon through. I found that the ribbon you get around pre-cut fat quarter bundles is the perfect length. Tie the ends together so you don't lose them and you are done.

I would love to hear from you if you give these little bags a go and what uses you find for them using #thefabricsquirrel on social media.

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