When people ask what my hobbies are I often reply with "I am crafty". This crazy for crafting panel is perfect for those of us that are mad enough to do all the crafts. There are three panels on each one measuring 33 cm (13") x 53 cm (21"). They are each a different colour - pink, green and blue and have a floral design in the background. They all feature a lady in her craft space surrounded by fabric scraps, glitter and buttons with various funny sayings:


"Crafting To-Do List:
-Make scrapbooks for everyone
-Make ten topiaries
-Make 85 Christmas cards
-Have my head examined" 


"Give me a hot glue fun and stand back"


"I'm writing a book to help women through bad times. Chapter 1: Go to the craft store. The End."


At first I couldn't think of anything to make with this size panel and then I got thinking and couldn't stop coming up with ideas. The obvious choice would be a quilt but thinking a little outside the box this could be a table runner, apron (or craft overalls), bag and notice board.

Crazy For Crafting Quilt Panel - from QT Fabrics

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  • The panel width is the full bolt width of 112 cm (44"). Each panel is approximately 61 cm (24") tall.


    There are three panels on each one measuring 33 cm (13") x 53 cm (21")