If you are lucky enough to have a grandma that makes you lots of things, she needs this made by grandma ribbon. I got this in especially for my own mother in law who knits my little dude and myself lots of beautiful cardigans and jumpers. 


It is Ivory grosgrain ribbon which means it is slightly ribbed. The print is black with red dashes running along the edges to give a stitch feel. Each "handmade by grandma" is broken up with a red heart. There is a mark line in between each of them which is 10cm apart, giving you 10 per metre.


Whether you are a grandma that knits, quilts or crafts, make sure you have this in your stash. 

Price is per metre. Multiple orders will be cut in one continuous length.

Handmade with Love by Grandma Ribbon

  • 16mm wide. Multiple orders will be cut in one continuous length. Price is per metre.