Alphabet Baby Quilt - Free Pattern

When babies are born they can only see blurry images and, much like everything else they have to learn, focusing on objects is a skill they have to develop. Although they can see colours, they will be able to see images much better if they are contrasting. At first look this doesn't look like an obvious baby blanket choice, but with the black and white and contrasting geometric shapes and rainbow colours, it could be great for stimulating growing babies. Since it features the alphabet and a really funky unisex colour pallet, it will have a great place in any kids room as they get older too.

This was inspired by the Zoometric collection by Northcott fabrics. The fabric quality is fab and the panel includes several of most letters, so there is potential for other projects too. I have used it to make my brother a pencil case, which you can also find a tutorial for here. I still have a few letters left, so I will need to play a game of Countdown and work out what else I can spell out.