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Easy Kids Skirt

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

It seems to be kids party season again. What I should do is keep a batch of ready to go presents, but I'm not that organised. The last two parties we have gone to, I have remembered the night before that we can't go empty handed. They have both been girls parties so this is now my new go to gift for little girls. They have both turned six, but I think this pattern works for all ages, just adjust the elastic to suit.

I used some cake fabric from Lewis and Irene's Small Things Sweet collection because it seemed like the perfect birthday fabric. On the other I used the parrots from Beth Salts Parrots Paradise collection.

I tried half a metre and 40cm length. I think the 40cm works best for age six, but this can be adapted for different ages.



1. Cut your fabric. I used 40cm lengths and full bolt widths. You will need two of these. You could add pockets using one edge of the fabric and then it will just be a little less gathered.

2. Place the pieces right side together and stitch short edges together.

3. Finish your edges, I have overlocked them.

4. Press 1/4" hem and then again on the bottom edge of the fabric.

5. Press 1/4" on the top edge and then just over an inch (or wide enough to thread whatever length fabric you have used).

6. Sew your hem. On this purple skirt I have used a fancy leafy stitch to add some extra interest.

7. Sew close to the edge of the 1" channel you have created, leave a gap to thread the elastic through.

8. Attach a safety pin to one edge of the elastic to help you thread it through the channel. Keep hold of the other end so you don't end up pulling it all the way through. You can safety pin it to the end.

9. When you have pulled it all the way through, make sure it hasn't twisted and sew the ends together. Sew the gap closed.

10. Make sure the gathers are even across the waistband. Sew into the seam through the channel and the elastic. This will help keep the gathers even and the elastic from twisting.

11. To finish I have added a cute label that I had from a Figo panel.

I reckon you can get this sewn up easily within an hour. It is a great one to have under your belt if you need a quick little girl gift. I hope you are feeling inspired. I would love to hear from you if you give it a go!

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