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Gift Guide for Sewers 2023

Do you need some inspiration on what to put on your Christmas list this year? I have put together a list of small business finds that I think you might like. Some I have been admiring from a distance, a few I have purchased as a treat to myself. There are a few Fabric Squirrel treats in here too. Christmas doesn't have to be extravagant; most of these gifts are under £10 and just a few are special treats that would make a great main or joint gift.

I can only fully vouch for the gifts that I have bought myself, although I trust that Etsy give a good guarantee. I have also only included shops that have an about section and shop policies. If you have an Etsy shop, make sure you fill these sections in! Having a bit of detail about you, your handmade business and your policies is really reassuring. If I see it empty, it puts me off and makes me wonder if they are really handmade.

I have included the prices at the time that I wrote this but I have not included postage on them. Some of the postage is free (or already included in the price).


I really wanted an everyday necklace that I could wear and reflected my love of sewing. When I found this cute silver necklace from Imogen George Jewellery, I couldn't resist. Imogen makes all the pendants herself. It is light so you don't know that you are wearing it and at just £22 for a silver necklace, I think it is a bargain.


This was another treat to myself and I have already used it loads. The shop is Enchanted Needle and there are dozens of cute designs to choose from. I love house plants so I was drawn to this Grow Positive Thoughts one. You have a magnet on the back so you can attach it to whatever project you are hand sewing and can stick your needle on it while you aren't using it. No more searching the sofa for lost needles! This one was £6.05.


Unfortunately, even the best of us can't be without a seam ripper. I came across the shop The Olive Home and love the look of the personalised seam rippers. They started their business on the Isle of Wight during lockdown and looking at the reviews they seem to be doing great! You can get this one for £18.


I love to add a new small business decoration to my tree each year. When I was looking for inspiration for this blog I came across the shop Cotswold Pewter. How perfect would this look hanging on your tree? There are several colours you can pick from too. The prices is £8.50.


It was actually a sticker that drew me to Samantha's shop, but she has so much to choose from including pin badges and cards, that I had to include a few things. A sewing journal is such a good idea. I often have a huge list of things I want to make and fabric I want to use but I am always forgetting, and I am not very good at prioritising. You can get this journal for £13.95 from Samantha Claridge.


This is the sticker from Samantha Claridge that made me click into their shop. I have a few fun stickers on my sewing machine and I used some on my card machine when I was doing my pop up shop. At just £2.20, these would make a fab stocking filler.


I love to support small businesses so when I came across Pick and Stitch Labels with just 10 sales, I thought it would be nice to share them with you. These P.S. I Made This label is such a cute idea to add to anything you make for yourself or gift. A pack of 6 labels is £8.


A sewing or craft room just isn't complete without a pencil or four. This pack of 4 pencils are from Maple and Grace and are just £5. I particularly like Sew much Fabric, Sew Little Time. I couldn't relate to a pencil more.


It is hard to come across unique handmade items with such a niche sewing theme. I thought these little wooden decorations were adorable! There are lot's of different shops but obviously the Fabric Shop one was what caught my eye. It is small so it would could make itself at home on any shelf in your house. They are £9.50 from Behind The Times.


If yo are really unsure on what to get someone that sews, you can always let them pick themselves. You can get Fabric Squirrel Gift Vouchers here!


If you are unsure what fabric to gift someone, I don't think you can go wrong with a bundle of basics. This rainbow of colours is £13.80 for 7 fat quarters and even better, they are all organic cotton.

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