Harry Potter Transforming Cushion Quilt Tutorial

I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to get their hands on the fab new Harry Potter fabrics thanks to the lovely people at the Cotton Craft Company. There are 10 designs in the collection and I was given 8 to play with. When I was thinking of Harry Potter projects that I could make, I thought maybe a reading cushion or bookmarks. Maybe a book bag or something book related.

My cousin is a huge Harry Potter fan and since I knew I had this fabric arriving I gave her an "IOU something made with Harry Potter fabric when it arrives" for her birthday. Although I think she would have liked anything HP related, a bookmark or bag just didn't seem magical enough. I needed something that transformed or had some kind of surprise element to it. After a lot of thought I came up with the concept of a quilt that folded back up into a cushion. I made a demo version with an existing blanket and some safety pins and it seemed to work. So here is is my Harry Potter Secret Quilt Cushion Tutorial. Although the idea was inspired by the magic of Harry Potter, you could of course create this quilt using any fabrics. I have since discovered that this is not a new concept (nothing ever is!) and they are known as a "quillow".

This project will take around 5 hours so you might need to do it over a few sessions. It is for personal use only. Please also be aware that the Harry Potter fabrics are fully licensed and anything you make with them should be for personal use only.