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Sewing Room Wall Hanging Tutorial

I have sewn with plenty of panels in the past but I am not sure I have turned them into a wall hanging before. I have had this sewing themed panel from Northcott for quite a while. It is black with chalkboard style writing saying "Grant me the serenity to accept the seams that don't line up. the courage to rip them out & the wisdom to know the difference". I definitely lean to the "accept the seams that don't line up" end. With this size panel it can be hard to work out what to make with it. The height is a full bolt width, which is usually around 110cm and then 60cm wide. I had a brain wave that it is the perfect door shape. It just so happens that the only space I have to hang anything in my craft room is on the back of the door.

This is a really easy project that I finished in around 3 hours. The time taken was the free motion quilting so you could make it up even quicker. I have written up and pictured some simple instructions.


  • Quilt Panel

  • Wadding

  • Backing Fabric

  • Stick the same width as the panel

  • All your usual sewing supplies


  1. Smooth your panel onto the wadding and pin into place.

Quilt panel basted

2. Go crazy with your free motion quilting. I recently invested in some quilting gloves which made a huge difference. I felt less strain on my shoulders and felt like I had more control over the fabric. It isn't essential but I thought I would share my recent discovery of quilting gloves.

panel free motion quilted

3. Trim with a ruler and rotary cutter.

wall hanging trimmed

4. Cut some backing fabric the same size. I have used plain woven black. You will also need a 3" strip of full width coordinating fabric.

5. Make a runner to hang your wall hanging. With the 3" strip, cut it in half. They will be around 3"x22". Place them together and sew the two long edges together to make a tube. Turn it and press. Press in each short end, enough so that it is around 4" shorter than the width of your panel.

6. Place the runner along the top of the backing fabric, around 1.5" from the top of the fabric. Sew down the two long edges. You will be able to thread your stick through this to hang it.

Finished back of the wall hanging

7. Pin the backing fabric and wall hanging with right sides together. Stitch around all four sides but leave a gap for turning it out.

quit panel sewing together

8. Turn out your hanging, press and top stitch around the edges. Make sure you catch the opening.

Finished Wal Hanging Close Up

9. Get a stick the right size to hang your wall hanging. I am a bit of a plant lover and I have ordered a few online. Often they have long sticks in the pots which prevent them from getting squished in the post. I always save them for such occasions. You could pick one up on a walk if you don't have anything that will work laying around.

Now you just need somewhere to hang it! I am so happy with how well it works in my sewing room.

Finished door wall hanging in sewing room

I used a couple of these standard picture hooks on the back of my door to hang it on.

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