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Space Quilt Tutorial

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

This panel has been on my sewing list for as long as can remember. It makes me sad that I have stocked it for as long as I have. When Lewis and Irene brought out Space Glow, I now know that it was meant to be. The panel comes from Camelot Fabrics and says To The Moon and Beyond. The white parts of the fabric are glow in the dark. With the Space Glow, as the name suggests it is also glows in the dark and comes with this fabulous border print. The pairing is perfect and I hope you agree. I have put this space quilt tutorial together for you. It is simple to make and can be as simple or detailed as you want to when it comes to the quilting.

Finished To the Moon and Beyond Quilt close up


  • To the Moon and Beyond Panel

  • Space Glow Border 1.25m

  • Backing Fabric

  • Binding Fabric 30cm

  • Wadding

  • All your usual sewing supplies

You can watch me talk through some of the details of the quilt over on my YouTube channel.


  1. Square off your panel. This is easiest to do with a quilting ruler and rotary cutter.

  2. Cut 6" strips with the border panel. Cut the planets out first and then take another 6" strip from each edge so the colours are even. The beauty of this border print is that the middle part is multidirectional.

To the Moon and Beyond Quilt and Panel and Lewis and Irene Space Glow border print ready on the cutting matt.

3. Add the side borders first, press the seams towards the borders. Add the top and bottom border next, I used the planets on the top and bottom.

4. Layer your quilt top, wadding and backing fabric. I used a space themed fabric from Fabric Editions for the backing. Smooth out and pin. I use curved safety pins.

Pin quilt top with wadding and backing

5. Now for the quilting. This is when you can be as ambitious or simple as you like, although I would encourage you to be brave and have fun. I used a different style of quilting in the centre to the border.

Close up of the free motion quilting on the plain blue background


  • Start with a clean machine - you are a lot less likely to come across problems with a clean machine.

  • Start with a full bobbin - you go through a lot of thread so start with a full bobbin.

  • Quilting gloves - not an essential but it does help you move the fabric more freely.

  • Check the back regularly - there is nothing worse than discovering a loopy back.

  • Keep the speed fast but consistent and keep moving at a consistent speed.

  • Remind yourself to relax your shoulders and enjoy the process.

. 6. Square off your quilt. Add your binding in your preferred way to finish your panel.

Quilted space panel

I have used the the Grey Starry Night fabric for the binding. The design runs diagonally across the fabric so I love the effect that this adds. I always use 2" strips for my binding and a basic binding maker. I also always use my sewing machine for binding. This is sometimes and unpopular opinion. I sew to the back first and then top stitch to the front. I worry that my hand sewing won't stand the test of time as much as the machine and I work with my sewing machine so much that it feels rude that I would want to hide it's stitches!

If you have a space loving person in your life, and you are feeling inspired to make this quilt, I would love yo hear from you! Share your pictures and tag me on your social media.

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