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Scrappy Tutu Tutorial

When my little man was just a few days old I saw that one of our local bridal shops were giving away a bag of scrap fabrics to anyone that could pick it up. It was an opportunity not to be missed and it was George's first trip out of the house since getting back from hospital.

The midwives turned up as I was sifting through all my goodies and feeding him at the same time. It pretty much sums up my parenting style - where there is a will to sew, there is always a way.

As I separated the fabrics into different piles of satin, netting, big, small I knew I would have to make some tutus with the netting but it took two years for me to finally get around to it.

Now, you can go out and buy netting quite cheaply if you haven't got a local bridal shop that are willing to give away their scraps. The lovely shop I got mine from are


19" of 1" Wide Elastic



Sewing Machine



1. Cut your elastic to size. I have made mine for 1-2 year olds and made the elastic 19" wide.

2. The pieces that came in my scraps were round 32" long so I made all my strips around the same size.

3. I started from the left of the elastic to begin with and then realised I was burying my pins so I started from the right. Fold your netting in half over the elastic and pin it into place. Continue this along all the way across, making it as full as you desire.

4. Sew a long straight stitch all the way along the bottom edge of the elastic. Carefully remove the pins as you go. Sew the two ends togehter.

5. Trim the edge and secure with a zig zag stitch.

6. Turn your tutu to the right way. I have a toddlers tailor dummy so I put it on and trimmed it down to size and to neaten the edges.

7. I have hand stitched bows to mine using whatever I had in my ribbon stash to finish it off.


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