A Handmade Tipi Wedding - Part 1

I met Dan when I was just 17. It took 1 kid, 4 house moves and 11 years before we got engaged. You would think after all that time that I would have planned the perfect wedding in my head, but I honestly had no idea where to start.

We started looking at local wedding venues and attending wedding fairs but all the brochures just made it feel like we would be copying someone else's wedding. I have always been creative and never liked matching or whats on trend. We could never have a 'normal' wedding. During some pinning and looking into outdoor weddings, I came across the idea of a tipi. I had never seen or heard of them before but the more I researched the more in love I fell. I contacted several companies for information and price lists, Boutipi just happened to have an open day coming up so we put it in the diary. The next task was to find a place to put a tipi before we got carried away with the idea. We arranged to spend the weekend with Dan's Dad and Step Mum Jane and went armed with prosecco. When we were confident they had drank enough we casually mentioned the idea of the tipi and asked if they would mind if we put it up in their garden. They didn't say no, yay! So, we arranged to come back up for the open day and took them along. As soon as we walked in we all fell in love, we had found our wedding venue! And so the great handmade tipi wedding project began.