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Sew Your Own Stocking

Sewing your own Scandi style stocking couldn't be easier with the sewing panel from Lewis and Irene. With this one panel you can make either one double sided stocking or two single sided stockings. I have used one of the coordinating fabrics to line it but you could use any plains or matching fabrics from your stash. What I love about this stocking is that it is much bigger than the usual stocking panels.

Finished size: 40cm x 65cm


  • Stocking panel

  • Wadding

  • Lining fabric

  • All your usual sewing supplies

The stocking is around 65cm tall so you can order 75cm for the lining if you want to reduce waste. Do this by adding half a metre and a long quarter to your basket. I will always send your fabric in one length.


1. Cut out all elements of the panel around the dotted line. There is a generous seam allowance included so I have trimmed the stocking itself down a little more to around half an inch.

Trim seam allowance on stocking

2. Use the stocking panel as a template for your lining. If you are making one stocking, you will need two. If you are making two you will need two each for the lining and one for the backing, six in total. Make sure you cut the fabric with right sides together so all your stocking pieces match.

Use the stocking as a template to make the lining.

3. Pin your stocking panel pieces to some wadding. I have joined some odd bits together with some interfacing to make the most of my scraps.

Pin the stocking to wadding

4. Add whatever quilting you want to at this point. I have used a blanket stitch on my machine where the white meets the red. It gives the illusion of having joined it yourself.

Close up of blanket stitch.

5. Trim the wadding.

6. Pin your stocking together with right sides together. Match up at the quilting lines first.

Match up the blanket stitch when joining the two sides of the stocking. Pin in place.

Pin the stocking front and back together. Ready to sew.

7. Sew all the way around, ensure you sew it just over the seam allowance so none of the red shows.

8. With the same seam allowance sew your lining together but leave a 3-4" gap at the bottom somewhere to turn it out through.

Leave a 3-4" gap in the lining to turn it out.

9. Use the star strip that comes with the panel to make the ribbon to hang it. With the long sides together. sew, turn, and press with the seam allowance to the back so that the stars are in the centre. Press.

10. I have used around 22cm of this for the hanging. I saved the rest to make decorations with the other elements on the panel.

11. Fold the ribbon in half and sew it to the heel side of the top of the stocking.

Tack stitch the hanging ribbon in place.

12. Turn your stocking the right way and place it inside the lining. The fabric should be right sides together. Match up the seams and pin around the top.

pin and stitch the lining of the stocking to the stocking.

13. Sew around the top, back stitch around the ribbon to ensure it is nice and strong.

14. Turn out your stocking through the hole, slip stitch the hole closed.

Slip stitch the lining closed. Lining used is red with stars and snowflakes.

15. Push the lining back into the stocking. Give it a good press and you are done.

Finished stocking left. Red and white with circle of festive vines and Christmas tree.

Finished Stocking panel right. Circle is filled with reindeer and festive vines.

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