Pocket Tissue Pouch

My second plastic reducing mini project is a tissue pouch. I don't have an issue with tissues themselves but it is the many bags inside a bag that I decided I couldn't bring myself to buy any more.

A year or so ago I discovered the company Who Gives A Crap who use bamboo or 100% recycled paper in their toilet paper and tissues. Our first delivery lasted a good 8 months so when I had my second delivery I added kitchen roll and tissues. Not only do I feel better for reducing the amount of plastic packaging our household is producing but there are also no harmful chemicals and smellies; they come in funky packaging; 50% of their profits go towards building toilets for those that don't have them (worldwide more people own a mobile than a toilet); no trees are cut down just so they can be flushed down the toilet. They often run free trials, I did this first before I committed, but if you want to place an order and get £5 off you can use this link (I will get £5 off my next order too so everyone is a winner and you can share with your own friends next time).