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Christmas Placemat Tutorial

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

It is really hard to think of something to make with Christmas fabric that hasn't been done before. I have made stockings, bunting, advent calendars and quilts. I thought about table runners and place mats but again, I wanted something that hadn't been done before.

After some playing around with ideas and trial and error mock ups, I created this table mat with a cutlery pocket. Initially I tried doing a star block instead of the basic square but it didn't show off the fabric. The fabric stands well on its own so I have stuck to a really simple design which can be made up much quicker. The beauty of this, is that you can make it in any fabric, for any occasion or colour scheme . If you do have a favourite block design, you can use that instead.

I have have collated all my pictures to create a short video. If you are a visual learner like me and a regular sewer, it may be just enough to inspire you but the full tutorial and measurements needed are listed below.


9" x 9" grey fabric

11.5" x 16" backing fabric

4.5" x 11.5" blue fabric

4.5" x 6.5" grey fabric x2

4.5" x 6.5" wadding

11.5" x 16" wadding

2" strips, approximately 70"

13" ribbon

Sewing machine

Iron and ironing board

Rotary cutter, mat and ruler



1. Cut your fabric to size as listed above. I have used navy blues and greys so I have referred to them by colour but you can use whichever fabric you like.

2. Add the 2" strips of blue to the edges of your square, as pictured below. Press.

3. Sandwich your small piece of wadding between your smaller grey rectangles with right sides facing out. Quilt over the top to secure, I have done vertical straight stitch lines with my machine.

4. Use some of your 2" strips to make a small amount of binding on the top, as pictured.

5. I have added some ribbon by sewing down 1cm in the middle of the ribbon that can be tied.

6. Lay this small quilted piece on top of the longer blue piece of fabric with bottom edges lined up. Pin it to the right hand-side of the square you made and sew together. Press.

7. Place the rectangle on top of your wadding and backing fabric, pin in place. Quilt onto the square side only. I have done vertical lines all the way across but again you can do what takes our fancy and suits the fabric you have used.

8. Apply binding using your 2" strips. More details on how to make and apply your own binding can be found on my Peter Rabbit quilt panel.

All finished! Just repeat and make as many as you need. When you have done one and are happy with the process, it is worth cutting up all the bits you need and doing each stage for all of the mats together.

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