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Dads Lab Project Bag

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

My Husband had mentioned he would like the Dads Lab book for Christmas, so I thought it made a great joint present for him and my little dude. As soon as the book arrived and I saw all the colours, my thoughts went to the Natural History Museum Future Scientist collection. I decided to make a project bag to keep the book in along with some of the things needed for the experiments

It is a simple tote bag with a pocket on the front and could be used as a shopping bag or a similar concept with a craft book. I have used a 1/4" seam allowance throughout.



1. Cut the fabric as follows:

  • Lining x2 - 15" x 15" (orange)

  • Front x1 - 15" x 15" (white background)

  • Back x1 - 15" x 15" (blue background)

  • Pocket x 1 - 10" x 10" (future scientist fussy cut & interfacing)

  • Straps x4 - 44" (full bolt width) x 2" (orange & interfacing)

2. Iron the interfacing to two of the straps. The width of the interfacing was shorter than the fabric, so I just did the interfacing in two parts and ironed them slightly overlapping.

Iron interfacing to the back of the pocket.

3. Fold the top of the pocket over to the back by 1/4", twice, press and sew. I love how perfect this design is for fussy cutting the pocket.

4. With a non-interfaced and an interfaced piece of strap, place them right sides together and sew down the 2 short edges. Repeat this with the remaining two strap pieces. Turn them out (I used my loop turner but you could use your preferred method such as a safety pin). Press them

5. Find the centre of the bottom edge of the front panel and the pocket. Line them up. Place the end of the strap so it overlaps the pocket by around 1/2" and pin the three pieces together. Repeat with the other end of the strap on the other side of the pocket. Make sure the strap doesn't twist.

I have put a pin 2.5" from the top. When it comes to sewing, I will only sew up to this point.

6. I used an orange thread to top stitch the straps down. at the 2.5" mark I have sewn a square with a cross through for extra strength.

7. Repeat with the other side but without the pocket (unless you want to add a bonus pocket). Just make sure the straps are the same difference away on the back.

8. Pin front and back right sides together. and sew around three sides. Make sure the straps are sticking out, so you don't catch them in the seams. Repeat with the two lining pieces.

9. To make the square edges, keep your bag inside out. open the corner up so the bottom seam and the side seam match up and make a point. Pin in place and sew. back stitch at the start and end. I have sewn around 1/4" from the strap. The distance you use is up to you, just make sure you do the same distance each time.

Trim the excess. repeat this with the lining.

10. Turn the lining to the right way around and place it inside the front so they are right sides together. Make sure the straps are tucked into the bag. Sew all the way around leaving a gap to turn it out.

11. Turn the bag out, press and top stitch all the way around, ensuring you catch the turning gap.

Your bag is ready to fill! I must point out that the plastic straws are some we have had in the cupboard for years. I don't ever use them because we have metal ones now, but it seems a shame to just bin them. I would much rather they were used for some science experiments. The boys have done loads of the experiments from this book already. Our favourite was the invisible fire extinguisher.

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