Folded Fabric Ornament

After a trip to a local farm to tag our Christmas tree, which was a first for us, I felt like I needed to make a new decoration. Every year I add at least one new homemade decoration and one homemade small business decoration. I have already bought my small business one from a lady that made us some a few years ago and I needed to add Alfie to the tree. I had these green, red and gold fabrics in my Craft Cotton stash and had an idea that I wanted to try out. They aren't fabrics I would usually go for but I was so happy with how they turned out and I love the traditional colours, they will look fab on our tree. These took me around half an hour and George even helped me make one in some dinosaur fabric. So, not only are they a great scrap busting project, they are really quick too.


  • 2" wide fabric strips

  • Sewing machine

  • Plain cotton

  • Dissolvable pen

  • Ribbon

  • Bosal interlining