Kids Dinosaur Wallet

Back in December I asked George to help me do some jobs in the garden, mainly clearing some leaves. He wasn't keen, so I said I would give him £1 if he helped me and did a good job. He cleared every leaf on the lawn and was really pleased with himself. I gave him his pound and he said "I can buy that flamingo umbrella I saw at the farm now". Like any four year old, he sees stuff in the gift shop and asks for everything he sees. I settled for a pencil and rubber and had forgotten all about the flamingo umbrella. I said that the umbrella was £14 so he would need £13 more to buy it. With that he went and made a list of jobs he could do to help. They included picking litter, tidying his room and setting the table. With all this pocket money he planned on earning, I thought I better make him a special wallet to keep it in. I had been sent some Age of the Dinosaur fat quarters from the Craft Cotton Company so, this was the perfect project for them.

The Age of the dinosaurs is one of the most recent collaborations with the Natural History Museum. There are 5 prints with realistic looking dinosaurs and their names on them. It is perfect for a 4 year old dinosaur fan so I used a few of the prints in the wallet.