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Mini Advent Stocking Tutorial

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

It was June when The Craft Cotton Company asked if I could make up a video tutorial on how to make these mini stockings. I made them pretty quickly in the summer but I only just finished making a panel to hang them on the 30th November. Proof that it is never too early to sew for Christmas!

It is a really satisfying make and a great project if you are reasonably new to sewing or want to get kids involved.

The video for the stockings is here but I have also shared the written instructions below.




1. Cut out your stockings - Cut along the dotted line of all your stockings. You should have 24.

2. Cut out the backing - Use a coordinating fabric for the back. Pin the stocking fronts, right sides together with the backing and use it as a template to cut around. You will need 24.

3. Zig zag top edge - Not a necessary step but for neatness I have done a zig zag stitch along the top edge of the front and back.

4. Press top edge - Fold over the top edge using the white seam allowance as a guide. Fold over the same amount for the backings. Press.

5. Top stitch - With your top edge pressed, top stitch to hold in place.

Chain stitching just means sewing one piece after the other without cutting the thread.

6. Ribbon - Cut 9 cm lengths of ribbon or ric rac, fold them in half and sew them to the top edge of the backing pieces close to the heel side but not close enough to the edge to get caught in the seam. Sew over a couple of times to ensure it is secure.

7. Sew together - With right sides together, pair up all your stocking fronts and backs and sew together. You can see the seam allowance through the fabric, use this as your guide.

8. Finish Inside - Clip your curves or trim with pinking shears.

9. Press - Turn your stockings the right way using something blunt to push out the curves. Press.

You are done! You can peg these on some ribbon or hang them around the house. Below I have written up how I have hung them.


I decided to make a panel for the stockings to hang on but it did take me ages to work out how I wanted to do it. I decided on a simple sashed quilt and it has framed the stockings perfectly. Annoyingly it took me so long that I lost number 12 in the process. I am hoping it turns up before next year and I can find someone to gift it to. This idea works great for any similar stockings. One of the loveliest ideas I saw were using baby socks!


  • 4 fat quarters of Christmas fabric

  • 1 metre of darker fabric for sashing and borders

  • 1 metre of backing fabric

  • Rotary cutter and ruler

  • Wadding

  • 24 buttons

  • Needle and thread

  • Sewing machine

  • Iron and Ironing board

  • Dowel

  • Ribbon


1. Cut out fabric squares - You will need 12 8" squares. I have used 4 from the Santa and elves collection that went well with the stockings and cut out 3 squares in each design. This is how I arranged them.

2. - Cut red fabric - I used red fabric from the same collection for the sashing but one of the blenders for the borders. Cut 2" full width of fabric strips. I used 5 without having to join any. Sew the strips to the vertical edges first. I left the strips as one and chain stitched them all, trimming them down afterwards. Press seams open.

3. Sew horizontal sashing - Now sew all your horizontal sashings on. Press seams Open.

4. Add borders - Cut 4 full width of fabric strips 4" wide. Apply side edges first, press open and then add top edges.Press

5. Layer your panel on top of your batting and pin.

6. Baste - You could baste your layers together as simply as you like. I decided to do some curvy red free motion stitching in the sashing.

7. Trim - Trim your edges.

8. Add buttons - I have chosen to hand the stockings on buttons and have riaded my stash of random shapes and sizes. Sew them 2.5" from each edge and 1" up.

9. Cut hanging sleeve - Cut a piece of fabric that is slightly smaller than your panel. I cut mine 29" x 8". Press the short edges by 1/4" and then another 1/4". Sew them hems. With right sides together sew long edges together, turn out and press with the seam in the centre.

10. Add backing - Cut a piece of fabric with width of the panel but 2" longer (I have allowed a little extra). Cut it in half horizontally and then sew it back together leaving a gap in the middle to turn it out. Press the seams open.

Place the hanging sleeve below the top edge of the backing, around 1.5" - 2", making sure you leave enough on all three sides for your seam allowance. Sew the hanging sleeve down on the two long edges close to the edge. Back stitch at the start and end of the stitch to secure.

Place backing and panel right sides together matching the top and side edge, the bottom may need trimming. Pin in place and sew around all 4 edges. This method of bagging out means your edges are all even and much neater. It is my new favourite method.

11 Finish - Turn it out through the gap, push out the corners and press. Top stitch ak the way around all four edges. Hand stitch the opening closed.

I have used some doweling and ribbon to hang the panel with and I am lucky enough to have picture rails to hang them on but a regular picture hook or from the back of a door would work well too.

I hope this has inspired you to create your own advent hanging panel, I would love to hear from you if it has. Don't forget to subscribe for more free tutorials, new fabric arrivals and special offers.

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