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Pennant Banner

I love these little banners. On there own on the back of a door, or a string of them on bunting. If you have enjoyed opening up your advent calendar through December, you will see that I have tried to include plenty of your goodies. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration on how to use them. If not, you can get the template here or create your own with some card.

I have made a little sign to go in Alfie's room with a little scrap of Gruffalo fabric.


Small Piece of Fabric

Sewing Machine


Fabric Glue (optional)

Rod and String

Air Erasable Pen (optional)

Rotary Cutter (optional)


1. Get your background fabric, I love this naturally seeded cotton from Craft Cotton Company. It is cream and just goes with everything. You will have got a long quarter in your advent box, perfect for this project. Use your template to cut out one shape. You could use a rotary cutter or a non permanent pen like the air erasable one in the advent box this year.

2. Pick out some fabric for your letter. Draw your letter on the paper side of the Bondaweb. It will need to be in reverse. My tip for this is to draw it in a marker on some scrap paper, turn the paper over, hopefully you can still see it in reverse, you may need to go over it again on this side, and then trace the letter onto the Bondaweb. Cut the letter out, but not close to the pen mark, leave a good border around it.

3. Iron the Bondaweb, rough side down onto the reverse of your fabric.

4. While you have the iron on, press a small hem all the way around the cream banner and press over the top again, this needs to be wide enough to fit whatever side rod or stick that you have.

5. Cut around your letter carefully. Peel off the paper.

6. Place the fabric letter in the centre of your banner, wherever your are happy with. Make sure it isn't too close to the top where we will be sewing down the hem for the rod. Iron it into place.

7. Leaving the top edge open, sew down your small hem around the other edges.

8. Now sew down your top hem.

9. With your air erasable pen, write whatever you want to, if at all. I have written "is for Alfie".

10. I have used a black thread to add the details and my free motion foot on my sewing machine. I have sewn around the letter a couple of times and then done the same over the writing. You can always hand back stitch this if you prefer.

11. To finish add some pom pom trim to the bottom with your fabric glue. You could sew it on if you prefer.

12. In your advent box I have included some small hooks, which you can carefully screw into the ends of the rod. It means the string isn't going to slip off. If you don't have any of these you can always go and collect a stick from the garden and use ribbon or string.

You are all finished. Wouldn't this make a gorgeous new baby gift? I would love to see your own version or hear what you think in the comments.

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