The Mary Dress Tutorial

A new collaboration from the Craft Cotton Company and V&A brings this gorgeous new Alice in Wonderland collection. It consists of 5 prints with images that have been taken from the original artwork found in the V&A archives. I was lucky enough to be sent all five prints to play with a specific request for a dress made from the white floral one. I had a metre of full width material to work with so, I got drafting a pattern. I liked the style of dress that Alice wears, but the apron would cover most of the design and I thought it would be too busy to use one of the other patterns. I liked the shape the apron made on the top half so I thought I would try creating the shape without the actual apron and just add frills instead of ties. I decided to attempt my own pattern after a quick sketch. I have only ever made simple patterns before, so this was quite a challenge.

It has been a few years since I made my friends little girl Mary a dress and she still regularly requests to squeeze into it so, it was about time she had another better fitting Nana Katie make (they call me Nana Katie). During a pre lockdown 2.0, socially distanced (of course), craft night with my crafty friend I used a dress that Mary currently wears as a guide and drafted a pattern. I used some fabric left over from another project to make a practise one. I couldn't check the fit like I usu