This is a hexagon template I have designed with my husband and 3D printed. Each short edge of the template is 3.5" and it is 7" tall. This is intended as a template and not a ruler as such as we are unable to print measurements onto it.


It will help you make what I call a cheat’s hexagon quilt and I have recently made a bag using this method which you can see in the picture above and the tutorial is in my blog. The handle allows you to move the template easily and the gaps allow you to see the fabric if you want to fussy cut. There is a cute Fabric Squirrel on the template.


It is printed in PLA which is a plant-based plastic. It is 3mm thick. We have several colours available including dark pink, light pink, white, black, red and yellow. Please allow at least 24 hours for it to be printed. The main picture shows a dark pink. Examples of the light pink and yellow are shown on a bunting template.

Half Hexagon 3D Printed Template

  • I take all my photos in natural light with no filters to try and show a true reflection of the colours however, please be aware that they may appear different on different devices.