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Easy Peasy Stocking Tutorial

I was really excited to stock these stocking panels from The Craft Cotton Company. The red, white and grey reindeer, trees and snowflakes compliment the very popular Christmas Scandi fabric collection perfectly.

I have finally got around to having a play and make them up. I have used one panel to make two stockings and raided my stash for all the other bits that I needed. This sewing tutorial is suitable for all skill levels and will take around 1 hour to make two.


1. Cut out the pieces on your panel. You should have 2 stocking shapes, 2 rectangles (ties to hang your stocking with) and 6 tags. I have a different tutorial for the gift tags (coming soon!).


Use your panel stocking piece as a template or draw around it onto paper or card so you can use it as a template another time. I have used the white Scandi fabric to back it with. You will need one facing in each direction so fold your fabric in half and then cut around the template.

You will need 4 pieces for the lining. I used the plain red cotton poplin for one and some red with gold polka dots that I found in my stash.

Finally you will need 4 pieces of wadding. I use bamboo for my keepsake quilts and always have off cuts so I managed to use up some of those. Wadding isn't necessary but it does help keep the stocking shape and feel more special.

2. With your outer stocking pieces, place them face up on the wadding and pin. Quilting needs to be no more than 9" apart although this varies depending on the type and brand. This means you don't necessarily need to add any quilting but I have added a few small details anyway. Just around the toes, heel and top and on the back I have done some straight stitches either side of the snowflakes. You can be as simple or adventurous as you like.

3. Trim the edges so they are easier to match up.

Pin front and back pieces right side together. Sew around the edge, leaving the top edge, with a 1/2" seam allowance. Repeat all steps for both stockings. Trim the seam allowance down to around 1/2cm, doing this meant I didn't need to add any notches for when I turned it out.

4. Now sew your lining together in the same way, right sides together and then trim the seam allowance.

5. Make your tie by folding them in half long ways and straight stitch.

I have turned it out using my favourite craft room gadget, my loop turner. If you don't have one, you need one! But in the meantime you can use a safety pin to turn it the right way. Press.

Fold your tie in half and pin it to the heel side of your stocking.

6. You will need to have your outer stocking the right way round and your lining inside out. Put your stocking inside the lining so right sides are together. Pin the edges together, joining at the seams.

Sew all the way around the top leaving a 2" or so gap to turn it out and back stitch at the beginning and end. I found this easier by taking off the foot holder.

7. This bit sounds more complicated than it is so bear with me. Pull your outer stocking piece out.

Then turn your lining right side out.

Now put your lining in the stocking. You will need to manipulate it and smooth it out inside.

8. Press your stocking and top stitch around the top to secure the opening and you are done!

I always love to see if you give my tutorials a go so make sure you tag me in your social media posts.


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