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Soap Pouch for the Shower

For the last 6 months or so I have become increasingly conscious about the single use plastic we go through, especially those that cannot be recycled. I have been thinking of ways I can use some alternatives from here in my sewing room. Everything in this little soap pouch project was already in my stash.

This tutorial will be one of many projects I have lined up to sew your way to more eco-friendly way of life. I am also making changes in my business by swapping out my mailing bags for water resistant Kraft paper bags from Lil Packaging. I had a few willing volunteers to receive some fabric in exchange for some feedback and everyone loved them and they all arrived safely. I am hoping to have eliminated plastic packaging in smaller orders by the end of February and the larger orders as soon as they become available (I have checked and they will be coming soon).

One of the easiest ways to switch out some of the single use plastic is to cut out shower gels and hand wash for soap. I like to find small local businesses to get my soaps from and avoid buying the big brands because they usually still come wrapped in plastic which defeats the point.

The thing I don't like about soap is how it does start to get a it ugly when it gets small. That is where these pouches come in. You could use a fresh bar of soap in them but it is also a great way to use up the ends of your soaps. I have added the ribbon so it can be hung to dry out easily. For pretty pictures I have photographed my finished pouch next to the soap my brother made me for Christmas.


  • 5" x 12" of towel

  • 5" of 2" wide binding

  • Rotary cutter and ruler

  • Cutting mat

  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • 7" ribbon

  • Sewing machine


1. I have been using an old towel that had a big hole in it for all sorts of projects. You could use a flannel or buy new but most people have excess towels that could be re purposed. Cut out your towel fabric 5" x 12". I have lined one of the short edges with the edge of the towel so I didn't need to finish more raw edges than I needed to.

2. Apply the binding to the short exposed edge. I used this grey floral fabric from my Debbie Shore range. I had a tiny bit left over from another project but you can also get it here.

3. Fold the pretty edge over by 4" first (this will be the one you see when it is turned out).

4. Fold the bottom edge over this one so your pouch is now 5" tall.

5. Fold your ribbon in half and place it with raw edges sticking out towards the top corner.

6. Pin together at the edges.

7. Sew the edges, back stitch at the ends. Trim.

8. Finish the raw edges with a zig zag stitch or your over locker. Turn it to the right way. All done!

I would love to hear from you if you have found this tutorial helpful and given it ago yourself. All pictures inspire by me here at The Fabric Squirrel are featured on my YOUR GALLERY page and entered into Maker of the Month on Facebook. For more free tutorials, make sure you have subscribed.

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