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Reversible Table Runner Tutorial

I have been working on a Christmas table runner since about September. The earlier I start with Christmas, the longer it seems to take me. So, as is tradition, I finished it the week of Christmas. One of the reasons that it took me so long, was working out how to back the table runner. It seemed a waste of "nice fabric" to back it with something that coordinated but it also seemed a shame to use a plain fabric.

The answer was simple really, make it double sided! So now I have a fancy one for later in the year, two runners and half the storage space too. I love this idea so much that I might need to make a Easter / Halloween runner.

For the Christmas side I have used the navy and gold collection from Craft Cottons 2021 Christmas collection. They often have a range in these colours but slightly different each year. For the reverse I have used metallic tropicals, also from Craft Cotton. Although they are completely different, they have some similarities that meant I could use a binding that worked on both sides.

Finished Size: 74" x 12½”

Seam Allowance: 1/4"



I have used the present block from my Christmas block along to make 5 of the blocks. You can get the full instructions here. I have used plain grey as the background for the bow. The fabrics I have used are:

Present 1 - Navy Mistletoe and White Stars

Present 2 - Navy Trees and White Sprigs

Present 3 - Navy Snowflakes and White Stars

Present 4 - Navy Mistletoe and White Sprigs

Present 5 - Navy Trees and White Stars

Present 6 - Navy Snowflakes ad Sprigs

Present 7 - Navy Mistletoe and White Sprigs

Present 8 - Navy Trees and White Stars

Present 9 - Navy Snowflakes and White Sprigs

Every other present is slightly different, but an easier pattern. This is the cutting instructions for one present but there are 4 of this style in total.

Seam Allowance: ¼”

Unfinished size: 6" x 10"

Finished size (when sewn into your quilt): 5½” x 9½”

Cutting (width x height):


2 - 2 ¾" x 8"


2 - 2½” Squares

1½” x 8"


2- 1 ¼”

4½” x 2½”

10 - 2" x 10"

2 - 77" x 2"

  1. With your 4½” x 2½” grey and two white squares, make your flying geese. Draw a diagonal line across the white squares with a soluble pen and line it up to the edge of the grey. Sew along this line.

2. Trim and press this seam open.

3. Repeat on the other side.

4. Press seam open.

5. Sew your navy blue pieces to either side of the one long white piece.

6. Add the grey to either side of the flying geese.

7. Press seams open.

8. Join the two pieces together.

You need 4 of these in total for the Christmas side of your table runner.

Lay out your presents in an order that pleases you. I have alternated the two types of presents.

Sew a grey 2" strip in-between each block.

Sew a grey border to the top and bottom of the row of presents.

Give it a good press and put it to one side while you make the reverse.


I have cut the strips 25cm tall because that is the height of a long quarter. I always cut my fabrics to order so if you would prefer a fat quarter set cut as long quarters, please just leave me a note (subject to the availability). They are all 2½”wide and you will need the following quantity in each design:

Pink Trees - 9

Navy Leaves - 9

Turquoise Pineapples - 9

Blue Leopard Print - 8

Green Leopards - 8

1. Using a ¼” seam allowance, sew all the strips together in the order as listed above. I did this by sewing in pairs first, then sewing those pairs together and so on.

2. Give it a good press, I have pressed these to one side.

3. Sew a 2" wide navy strip to the top and bottom. This is going to be ever so slightly bigger than the other side to make it a little easier to line up.

4. Time to layer up. I didn't have wadding long enough so I have joined it using one of my favourite tricks. I just line two pieces together and iron on a strip of interfacing to act like tape.

With your two runners facing out and your wadding in the centre, carefully lay them together. The easiest way to do this will be to lay one out on the floor and place the wadding on first, smooth it out and then roll it up. Then lay your other runner out, line up the ends and carefully unroll, smoothing as you go.

5. Use curved safety pins or pins to baste the layers together.

6. Add your quilting in your desired design. I have gone with my fool proof favourite, wavy lines using the stitch on my Janome machine. I have done this a machine foot width either side of the grey vertical lines on the present side in grey thread. I have chosen curvy lines because they are more forgiving. Straight stitches are going to be very obvious if they aren't perfect on both sides.

7. Trim your edges using a quilting ruler and rotary cutter for accuracy.

8. Now all is left to do is bind your runner. I have made my own binding using 2" wide navy blue fabric that coordinates with each side.

Give it a good press, and you are ready to go! I made some Christmas table mats in a similar collection a few years ago, you can still get the tutorial for those here. Now I just need to make some table mats to match the tropical side.

Happy sewing! I would love to hear from you if you give it a go so make sure you leave me a comment or tag me in your social media posts.

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I finished the top of a table runner before Christmas and didn't know what to do next. This tutorial is just what I need to complete the job (not sure when though)! What kind of wadding did you use? Is it thick to protect the table or not too thick so that glasses won't topple over?

Replying to

Thank you Katie!

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