In 2018 I joined in march Meet the Maker hosted by Joanne Hawker on my Crafts by Katie page. I wanted to join in again but thought I would share it here about my online fabric shop this year. So much thought and planning went into each day that it seemed a shame that it gets lost in social media when it is all over so I have logged it all on this blog. In February when I was planning, I enjoyed reading what I wrote last year and comparing how far I have come is really interesting. I look forward to looking back on 2019 and see how I compare next year.

Day 1 - Favourite to Make - My favourite thing to make are my keepsake quilts over on my other page Crafts by Katie. I started making them over two years ago and I am currently working on my 100th one. I love it for so many reasons. Quilting is a big love of mine and this allows me to do my hobby for a living. I love that clothes are put to a good use where they can be appreciated for years and years rather than staying in a box or going to landfill. Kids clothes come in so many amazing patterns and designs that they always look completely different from each other and tell a story.