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Nappy Cover Pants

These little pants are a baby must have in the summer to cover nappies or over tights when it's a little colder. They are an easy make and this pair was made in pink Miffy fabric to go with the dress I made in the same fabric. The pattern attached would be suitable for up to 12 months. You could take the pattern in by half an in on each side and half an inch along the top to make it more 0-6 months.



1. Cut out your pattern on the fold of the fabric. You should be able to get it all out of one fat quarter.

2. Sew your seams together at the sides using 1/2" seam allowance.

3. Press your side seams to the back. Finish all your raw edges with an over locker or a zig zag stitch. That includes the seams you have just done, the legs and the top edge.

4. You now need to press over your legs and top edge by 1/2". Now sew a straight stitch leaving a big enough gap for your elastic to thread through. Go the whole length of the legs but leave a gap in the top edge.

5. Using a safety pin or a loop turner, thread a 10" piece of elastic in each leg and pin into place at each end and then baste in place. I had a mini helper for this part.

6. Thread a 16" piece elastic for the top edge. Make sure you don't loose the other end in the process.

Sew your two ends of elastic together and then even out your gathers. Sew the opening closed.

7. Pin your crotch area together and straight stitch in place. Finish the edge with an over locker or zig zag stitch.

You will need to trim any loose threads and turn the right way. You nappy pant covers are done. Such a cute and hopefully quick sewing project!

Thank you for reading, I would love yo hear from you if you give it a go. For more free tutorials, sales and new fabric arrivals, make sure you have subscribed to my mailing list.

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