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A Gift Guide for Sewers 2019

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Last year I wrote a gift guide for people who love sewing and it went down really well. It is also a great way to shout out some other small businesses so I thought I would give it a go again this year.

Some of the shops I have personal experience buying from, some have been recommended by others and there are a few Fabric Squirrel gifts too. None of these have been gifted and they are not adverts, I just like to shout out other small businesses. I have spent my fair share of time in village hall craft fairs trying to sell my handmade items so if I can help give another business a little nudge, all the better.

Whether you buy from this list or not, see if you can do some of your Christmas shopping this year with some small or local people. You will be making their Christmas special too! Don't leave it too late though, handmade doesn't come with Amazon Prime delivery so you need to be more organised. Lastly, don't forget to leave some lovely reviews on any platforms they are on.


*SOLD OUT* - so sorry but these have sold out much quicker than I was expecting, stay tuned for a Christmas Day gift box alternative. This year is the second year I have launched my

and you are loving them. You are never too old for advent and what could be better than opening 25 sewing themed gifts everyday leading up to Christmas? Priced at £50 including postage they would make a great main gift too and best of all, I have done all the wrapping for you. Gifts include fabric, ribbon, buttons and sewing gadgets.


Any sewer will tell you, there is no such thing as too many scissors. You will find we are quite protective over them, for good reason. We like to have scissors for all different purposes and fabric scissors should NEVER be used by untrained hands who tend to break rules of only using the scissors for the correct purpose. Although I only have a few left from the Tula Pink collection , they are sure to brighten up ever craft space. This little pair is one of my favourites and I use them daily. The Micro Tip Scissors are a great little time-saving tool for your applique, sewing, quilting and embroidery projects. It is great for the finishing touches, snipping tiny hard to reach places. The large rings make them nice and easy to hold which you don't usually get in small scissors. Priced at £17.99 they could make a nice main present or stocking filler.


I treated myself to this mug earlier in the year with my birthday Etsy vouchers. I love it and can vouch that it is well made and packaged and has washed well in my dishwasher. I picked this one but there are several quotes and personalised options on Jilly Jilly Design's. You can get it here for £10.


I have made a lot of plastic free swaps this year and Etsy is my favourite place to find alternatives to plastic. Since I now use hand soap, shampoo bars and conditioner bars, I have been running out of soap dishes. I searched for ages but when I saw this button shaped one, I had to have it! It is from a shop called The Wee Mud Hut and you can get it here for £12.


If you like sewing and crafts I would take a good guess that you like stationery too. Last year I made my brother a pencil case for Christmas since he loves drawing, the tutorial is here . I ordered these pencils to go inside and got them personalised with "property of Tom" but you could get any personalisation added. You can get a single pencil for £1.69 or packs of 10 are priced up to around £15, you can find them here.


Ever wondered where I got my ruler from? Well I got it from this talented lady and she used my logo to get the same font and everything. It is a half size one but as you can see from my pictures it gets a lot of use. Find her on Etsy here for £2.75.


I have a wall of artwork in my craft room, some I have bought and some are framed cross stitches. They sit above my sewing machine so I get to admire them all the time. I am always drawn to sewing themed artwork and loved this print by Charlotte as soon as I saw it. It wasn't until I had a closer look that I realised that the flowers are all individually hand cut! Truly gorgeous and would look great in any sewing space. You can find it for £15 here.


One of my fellow Craft Cotton bloggers is Paula aka The Crafty Lass. She runs lots of crafty workshops from her home and is full of fun crafty skills and inspiration from paper flowers to air dried clay decorations. Paula ran an air dried clay workshop at Kirstie's Handmade Festival this year so Kirsty and Tilly and the Buttons are also proud owners of these fun hair clips. You can follow her on Instagram and if you want to get your hands on some of her scissor hair clips for £4, just send her a little message.


I saw these seam rippers months ago on a sewing Facebook group and was really impressed with the skills involved in making them. The wooden handles are all hand turned making them all unique. This is just one example in Turned by Kathy's shop you can find it here for £18.


This lovely creation comes from one of my followers. These needle minders are a fab idea if you do a lot of hand sewing like cross stitch. The pretty little magnet will make sure you don't lose your needle. I can't tell you how many times I have had to search the sofa for a lost needle! For just £5.30 they will make a great little stocking filler.


Believe it or not, these sewing tools are actually made from chocolate! What a fun little gift to receive although I am not sure I would want to eat them.The chocolates are the scissors, ruler, chalk, cotton reels and needles and you can get the box for £14 here.


If you haven't tried wax wraps yet, you definitely need to give it a go. To make your own involves investment in the wax and other ingredients and it is always good to know how you get on with them first anyway. I have made my own but I bought some first and was hooked. There is something really fun about seeing your favourite fabrics in the fridge. This company is Lincolnshire Beeswax Wraps and since I am in Lincolnshire I thought they would be a great company to shout out. You can find out more about her wraps on her Instagram and Facebook account. Wraps start from £8 for a pack of three.


I have found it really hard to find some good quality sewing themed jewellery so when I came across these earrings on Folksy I was very excited. They are handmade from Sterling Silver by a lady in London. They are priced at £20 and can be found here.


I know it sounds lazy but if the person you are buying for likes sewing, they will love fabric. Surprises can be nice but if you want to be safe, you can't go wrong with money towards fabric. Do they have a favourite local or online fabric shop? Be sneaky and see who their parcels are addressed from and you might get some clues. They may well offer gift vouchers there. I offer my own right here on The Fabric Squirrel.

I hope this has helped you find something special for your loved one this Christmas or added something to your own wish list. If it is not a gift from this list I hope I have at least inspired you to shop small this year, it is amazing what talent you can find in your local area.

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