Applique T-Shirt Tutorial

On Saturday I got an SOS call from a friend who didn't have a birthday t-shirt for her little boys dinosaur birthday party on the Sunday. Since it also reminded me that I hadn't yet got a present for the party, I was more than happy to get something made and double it up as his present.

I also print baby clothes under the name Crafts by Katie so I have a good supply of organic t-shirts, fabric paint and stamps but I don't have a dinosaur stamp that I was happy to use. His favourite dinosaur is a t-rex so I thought I would combine stamping with sewing and made this applique t-shirt.

You could applique the name too but since I knew I wouldn't have much time, II stuck with printing it. If you haven't block printed before it is a great craft, I have written another blog on making reusable gift tags (they went down a treat this year at Christmas and I have gathered them back up for next year). I make most of my own stamps but for these letters and loads of other fun designs and paint, I use The Arty Crafty Place. If you are a regular visitor to the big craft fairs, you have probably seen them before, if you haven't, look out for them next time.