Colouring Pencil Carry Case

George was recently invited to a birthday party. It was his first one in over 18 months, like with most things. The last time I was buying birthday gifts he was three, I had no idea what to get a five year old little girl. Thankfully I noticed her mum post on a Facebook comment that she likes colouring, so I picked up a colouring / sticker book, some pencils and smelly pens (loved those as a kid!). To make it a bit more fun I thought I would make a little carry case to keep it all together. I have been meaning to make something like this for ages, I just think it will be handy to pack and take with you if you are going away. I plan on making a smaller handbag size one for us too.

I made it the night before in around an hour using just some fun Craft Cotton fat quarters and bits I have laying around.