Me Made Holiday 2022

Updated: Apr 27

I am guilty of never making time for myself. I spend all my time looking after the boys, making keepsake quilts, and managing my fabric shop. There is a bit of eating and sleeping amongst that too. Sometimes it is easy to forget that I love sewing for me. I always have a huge to do list, it is hard to make sewing for myself a priority on that very long list. In January I caught Covid along with Alfie, it felt like the perfect time to book our first post Covid holiday. We went to Majorca in 2019 and we loved it. I wouldn't usually go back to the same place twice, there is so much of the world to see, however, we knew it was a short flight from a local airport and there is still a lot of the island to see. The airport on the other side was easy too. When travelling with a two year old, these are all very important things to consider!

A holiday is also the best excuse to make myself lots of new pretty things to wear. So, this is my Me Made Holiday 2022.

The first thing I decided to make was quite an easy decision. While we were there in 2019, I picked up a pink version of a fabric panel I had bought before from one of the markets. I had been saving it until I felt inspired so, when issue #102 of Love Sewing arrived with a 2-in-1 Gathered Dress pattern, I knew it was perfect.