My GBSB Sew Along

2019 saw the return of The Great British sewing Bee and I was so excited after two long years off. It was great to read such a positive news feed and see so many people inspired and enjoying watching the new series (I always scroll quickly past the haters, there is no time in my life for negativity, especially around sewing!). I decided to join in with as many of the themes as possible and make something from each week. I added my own twist, but I can confirm that I did not make them in the same time frames. I had great intentions of completing each week but as with everything, life gets in the way. I have had this blog post half written for nearly a year and have come to the conclusion, I am never going to get all the themes done any time soon. It seems a shame not to share how far I got, and with the new series around the corner, now is as good a time as any.