Reusable Wash Cloths

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

These reusable cloths are the simplest reusable project and great for scrap busting. It isn’t until you start looking at the things around you that you realise how much of the things, we use daily, are made of plastic. It was actually the packaging of the sponges that made me question an alternative. I hadn’t even considered that the sponges themselves were made of plastic. I would wash them, but they would always fall apart after only one or two washes. It inspired me to look into alternatives and part of that was creating these cloths.

In my aim to help spread the reusable love, I made a set to go in Christmas gift bags this year along with some bees wax wraps. I think they went down well, I have already had a request for a few more in different fabrics so they can be used for other cleaning jobs.

Some of the other swaps I have made in the kitchen are thanks to a page I found on Instagram called Peace with the Wild. The bamboo brushes are perfect for tougher to clean pans and to clean our milk bottles with. We take them to a local farm vending machine to be refilled.