Scooter Pouch Tutorial

For Christmas all George wanted from Santa was a pink scooter. I think pink was just the easiest colour for him to recognise and now it is his favourite colour. Seeing him reveal his pink scooter on Christmas day was pretty magical and he rides around the house everywhere on it. He often tries to carry stuff at the same time which drives me crazy and ends in disaster. He is learning that he has to come back for things but a bag for his scooter has been on my to do list since Christmas. I have also been meaning to make him something with this fabric range because of the George and the dragon thing. I thought it would make a great birthday gift so I made one after having some Bosal interlining foam left over from another project.

I haven't made it too big. I used his 360 cup as a guide for the size. Any bigger than that and he is bound to fill it with too much making it prone to topple over. I have also made it so it will also fit on his bike.


  • Fat quarters x 2

  • Fusible Bosal interling foam

  • KAM snaps x 2 sets (and tool)

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Pins

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine


1. Cut out your fabric - I have said you need two fat quarters because it is usually the smallest amount you can buy but you actually need much less and could use one FQ or some you have in your stash. I wanted to use this