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Snoopy Beach Quilt

The Craft Cotton Company have made another fabulous collaboration, and this time it is with Snoopy! The most recognisable dog whatever your age, who doesn't love a bit of Snoopy? The colours are bright and fun and Snoopy is off on his holiday's. When I was asked to make a quilt to show off the fabric, I didn't want to do anything too busy that would distract from the fun prints so, I have come up with this simple staggered quilt. It is a large quilt that will be the perfect size to share a pic nic on the beach on. The pattern is so simple, anyone can give it a go whether you are new to quilting and patchwork or a pro.

Finished Size: 48" x 48"

Seam Allowance: 1/4"


  • Purple Fabric - 1.5m

  • Blue Fabric - 1/2m

  • Cream Fabric - 1/2m

  • Pink Fabric - 1/2m

  • Green Fabric - 1/2m

  • White Fabric - 1/2m

  • Backing Fabric - 3m (I have pieced some of the left overs but if you want one print you will need to join it)

  • Binding - 6.25m

  • Wadding

  • Sewing Machine

  • Pins

  • Rotary Cutter / Ruler / Cutting Mat

1. Cut out fabric as follow:

Purple Fabric:

7 - 8.5" Square

1 - 4.5" x 8.5"

1 - 4.5" x 52.5"

3 - 4.5" x 56.75"

Blue Fabric:

7 - 8.5" Square

1 - 4.5" x 8.5"

Cream Fabric:

6 - 8.5" Square

2 - 4.5" x 8.5"

Pink Fabric:

7 - 8.5" Square

1 - 4.5" x 8.5"

Green Fabric:

6 - 8.5" Square

1 - 4.5" x 8.5"

White Fabric:

2 - 2.5" x 48"

2 - 2.5" x 52.5"

2. Layout out your fabric as per the picture below.

3. Sew the 6 columns together. Press your seams (I have done mine open).

4. Sew your columns together.

5. Add the 2.5" wide white border. Add the sides first, press and then add the top and bottom.

6. Now add the 4.5" purple border. I would usually add the sides and then top and bottom as I have done with the white, but I didn't have wide enough fabric so, I have added them clockwise around the quilt. I have chosen the purple for this part because it is multidirectional. If you are using another fabric collection, this is something to keep in mind when you are selecting your fabrics.

Give it a good press.


To finish I have used a medium weight cotton based wadding from Bosal. The quilt is wider than a standard cotton bolt width. I had some odd bits of fabric left over from the project. I have pieced some white, blue and cream together. The cream and blue give a seaside feel to it.

When layering up a large quilt I use empty fabric rolls to help roll the fabric up and smooth it out as I go. Kids pool noodles work well too. I used curved safety pins to baste it.

For the quilting I have gone with wavy sea lines with white Mettler thread.

For the binding I have used 2.5" wide plain yellow which picks out the sun in the purple border.

I would love to hear from you if you give the pattern a go. For more free tutorials, new fabric arrivals and special offers, make sure you subscribe to my mailing list.


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