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Week 3 - Sweet Block

There is something that feels very Christmas when you see swirly sweets, don't you think? So, I thought they would be a great festive addition to the quilt. You will need two for the final quilt but the cutting and instructions are for one.

Seam Allowance: ¼”

Unfinished size: 12" x 10"

Finished size (when sewn into your quilt): 12¾"+- x 6”


Width x Height (cut one unless otherwise stated)

White Background

2 - 2¼” x 2"

4 - 2” Squares

4 - 3½" Squares


2 - 4” Squares

2 – 3½” x 6½”

White Trees

2 - 4” Squares

1. With your 3½" white squares and pink rectangles, make your flying geese as per the method in the Christmas Tree block. You need two. Trim to size if needed, they should be 3½” x 6½” at this point.

2. Now with your larger pink squares, draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other.

3. Place a pink square on top of a white tree square. Sew ¼” either side of the line you have drawn. Cut down the line. Press seams open and press.

4. Line the 45 degrees line on your ruler with the seam and trim to 3½”. Repeat this with all of your squares. You should have four of these half square triangles.

5. Arrange your squares as shown below.

6. Sew in pairs first.

7. Then sew your pairs together to create your square.

8. Now add easy triangles to each corner with your smaller white squares. Trim and press seams open.

9. Now sew your flying geese to opposite sides of the square to create your sweet.

Don't forget that you need two of these for your final quilt.

This is block number 3 in my Christmas Block Along. You can get the pattern for previous weeks here:

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