Less Waste Makes

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I am making as many changes as possible to reduce the amount of plastic our household produces. A combination of David Attenborough and a video of a whale with hundreds of items of plastic in his stomach have really got to me. In my business I have swapped my mailing bags to eco-friendly, biodegradable, water resistant Kraft paper bags from Lil Packaging. I sent some fabric to a few volunteers for feedback and everyone loved them and confirmed their fabric arrived safely. A larger size is being worked on at the moment but until that comes out I am sticking to 100% recyclable mailing bags for anything over 2 metres. If you have ordered from me before you will know that I also wrap my fabric in tissue, this is made from recycled paper by The Tiny Box Company.

My next big step has been to start making ecobricks. Some plastic I can't avoid at the moment so if it can't be recycled or replaced I have been stuffing it into bricks. Take a look on their website for more information and join in. It is very satisfying to see how much you can squish into one bottle. It also meant I have paid more attention to packaging and labelling. I had no idea how little can actually be recycled. Change needs to happen.