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Week 5 - Snowman Block

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

The snowman block is probably the most complicated. I have left it until now so you are well practised but you still have plenty of time to come back to him if you need to. There is nothing you can't do, there are just a lot of pieces to it so, I have given each size a letter to help. The snowman is split into 4 main pieces - hat, head, scarf and body. You need two snowmen for your finished quilt but the cutting and instructions are given for one.

Seam Allowance: ¼”

Unfinished size: 11" x 18"

Finished size (when sewn into your quilt): 10½” x 17½”


Width x Height

Cut one unless otherwise stated


A 2 – 4 x 2½”

C 2 - 2½” x 1½”

F 4 – 1½” Squares

E 2 – 3¼” x 5½”

K 2 – 4¼” x 1½”

N 4 – 2” Squares

M 2 – 2½” x 9”


L 3½” x 1½”

P 1½” x 4½”


G 5½” x 3½”

H 2 – 2½” x 1½”

J 5½” x 1½”

O 3½” x 4½”

Q 3” x 4½”

R 1½” Square

S 7” x 5”


I 2½” x 1½”


B 4 x 2½”

D 7” x 1½”

Here is a little video so you can see how it comes together.

1. First we will start with the hat. Join pieces A and B on the short edges with black in the centre. Repeat the same with C and D. Press the seams open (press open throughout) and join these two pieces as per the picture below to create the hat.

2. With G and two of the Fs, add easy triangles to the top two corners. Trim and press.

3. Repeat with J and the remaining Fs. Trim and press.

4. For the nose you need both Hs and I. Place one of the white pieces on top of the pink as shown below. Sew a straight line from the top left white corner to the bottom right pink corner. Trim and press.

5. Sew the other white piece to the remaining pink short edge.

6. There are now three pieces of the head that you need to join, as shown.

7. Sew an E piece to either side of the head.

8. For the scarf sew the short edges together of K and L with the blue in the centre.

9. Now for the top part of the body you will need to add an easy triangle with 2 Ns to the opposite white corners on O and Q.

10. Add an easy triangle to the bottom of P using R. Trim and press.

11. Sew these three sections together.

12. With S and the remaining Ns, add easy triangles to the bottom corners. Join these two pieces together.

13.Add M to each side of the main body.

14. You now have your 4 main pieces ready to join together.

15. It should measure 11" x 18" at this point. Give it a good press and trim if necessary. Remember you need two snowmen for your finished quilt. Isn't he cute!

This is block number 5 in my Christmas Block Along. You can get the pattern for the previous weeks here:

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